Contest 2017

Results WORLD CONTEST MU  2017


1º DAVID 30MU050 with 550 pts.

2º MANEL 30MU135 with 500 pts.

3º NELSON 30MU180 with 450 pts.


4º SASCIA 1MU100 with 200 pts.

5º XEVI 30MU019 with 150 pts.

     MARIUS 30MU116 with 150 pts.

6º ARANTXA 30MU182 with 50 pts.

7º ÁNGEL 2MU1624 with 0 pts.

MAYRA 5MU101 with 0 pts.

SAÚL 34MU001 with 0 pts.


Thank you all for your participation.







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